Listen to the Voice Within: An Interview with Cassandra Herbert

When you listen to the voice within, you can discover what you really want.  What really matters to you.Listen to voice within.

On the journey of manifesting abundance, it’s important to tune in, get quiet, and listen to that voice within.  It is the only voice that can truly tell you what you really want to manifest.

During my interview with Cassandra Herbert, Real-Life Superwoman, Transformational Coach / Health and wellness coach, on the Manifesting Abundance Video Show, I was reminded of two things:

One) The importance of tuning inward to listen for what really matters.

Two) That everyone changes.

Watch the interview:

I’ve known Cassandra Herbert for years and have always been amazed and impressed with all the things she does.  For example, she’s had a private therapy practice and a coaching practice.  She’s run an online community; taught people about wellness and proper nutrition; and has done tons of her own personal growth and training.  She’s always been on the go… with tons of energy, vim, and vigor.

But Cassandra’s changing.

She’s decided to quit saying YES to every opportunity that comes her way and instead check in with her inner self for guidance and clarity.  Instead of doing everything possible, she wants to create a life where she has time to do the things she enjoys.

What’s cool to me is that Cassandra seemed more peaceful than any time we’ve ever talked in the past.

Letting go.

As a high achiever, Cassandra has received lots or praise.  So to stop doing everything means she also has to let go of the praise she’s received from others for being such a go-getter.  She was quite honest during the interview about how that praise had “fed” her ego in the past.  But she’s discovered that praise from others isn’t as important as it used to be.

Change is always happening.

On this journey of life and manifesting abundance, change is always happening.

if-anything-were-possible-abundantI like to ask myself every few months… if anything were possible and I could be truly abundant in six to twelve months, what would be happening in my life?  And what’s interesting is that the answer changes because I’m changing.

How are you changing?

Visit Cassandra Herbert’s website.

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