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Money Programs

Getting Present with Money Basic
21 meditations using a 5-step breath practice that will help you relax about money, heal your relationship with money, align with the Divine when you think about money, and open to abundance.
Price: $67.00

Getting Present with Money Full Program
Completely transform your relationship with money! Includes 21 meditations to clear your blocks about money and the Redefining Money course to integrate those changes into your day-to-day life.
Price: $197.00

Personal Growth E-Courses

How to Manifest Anything E-Course
In this comprehensive e-course you will learn how to use the 7 steps of manifestation to manifest anything. You'll practice 3 tools to clear blocks. And you'll become a conscious co-creator of your life. Don't wait!
Price: $197.00
Price: $97.00

Personal Growth E-Workshops – Download now!

Healing an Unresolved Issue E-workshop
If you’re feeling emotionally triggered by a person or a challenging situation in your life, use this workshop to heal this issue or loosen its hold over you. You'll be guided through a process that includes journaling, breathing, attention and love.
Price: $17.00

Discover Your Calling E-Workshop
Whether you’re completely new to discovering your calling or you’ve already manifested aspects of it and you’re experiencing confusion right now, this e-workshop will take you on a journey of exploration to better understand your calling.
Price: $25.00
Price: $10.00

Stop Negative Thinking from Controlling Your Life E-Workshop
If negative thinking can put you into a downward spiral, keep you from doing something you want to do, or generates feelings like hopelessness, worry, or guilt, download this transformational workshop today.
Price: $25.00

Conscious Business E-Workshops and Courses – Start Today!

All About Facebook for Heart-Based Entrepreneurs
An online workshop with Kathryn Yarborough. For heart-based entrepreneurs who have a Facebook business page and want to grow it; who know the basics of using Facebook; and who want to know how to grow their business page and attract clients.
Price: $45.00

Attracting Clients Teleseries Course
In 12 recorded teleseminars, Kathryn Yarborough takes you through a process of clarifying your vision for your business, designing a marketing plan that works for you, clearing blocks to attracting clients, and using the Law of Attraction to grow a thriving business.
Price: $97.00

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