Attracting Clients: A Teleseminar Series

With Kathryn Yarborough

Want to grow your conscious or heart-based business? Whether you’re just starting out or you’re ready to take your business to the next level, this Attracting Clients teleseries course can help.

“This is an awesome course to work through! I’m getting SO MUCH out of it. Even though I’m familiar with some of the material, Kathryn presents it in a new way and I’m really *getting * it – treat yourself!”

– Tammy Vitale, Artist and Facilitator

The Attracting Clients Teleseries Course for Heart-Based Entrepreneurs
is recorded and ready for you to listen to right away! Don’t wait!

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Only $97 

What you get:

In 12 recorded teleseminars, Kathryn Yarborough takes you through a process of clarifying your vision for your business, designing a marketing plan that works for you, clearing blocks to attracting clients, and using the Law of Attraction to grow a thriving business. Each teleseminar is approximately one hour and includes information, tools, and exercises you can use as many times as you need.


Getting Started

Creating a Thriving Heart-Based Business

      In this teleseminar, Kathryn Yarborough describes the 3 foundational elements to creating a thriving heart-based business and four secrets of success. She also gives you a checklist to access your strengths and areas of growth as a conscious business owners so you’ll know exactly where you need to put your energy in order to grow a thriving business.

Your Heart-Based Business Building Blocks

How do you do what you do? When? Where? With whom? And how much do you charge? Without a clear business structure that fits both your personality and lifestyle and your potential clients needs, you may consistently feel resistant to growing your business or even feel blocked in all directions. In this teleseminar, Kathryn Yarborough will invite you to explore, through journaling and a guided journey, the business structure your heart is calling you to create and compare it to the structure your head thinks you should establish.

Marketing Your Heart-Based Business

Marketing Fundamentals: Your Business Growing Funnel

      Marketing is NOT a 4-letter word. In fact, in can be quite fun. Sort of like a game, a party, or even a conversation with a good friend… depending on your approach. In this teleseminar, Kathryn Yarborough will share with you the basics so that you can design a marketing plan that is both fun and effective for you.

Who Makes Your Heart Sing? Identifying Your Ideal Clients
Without knowing who your idea clients are, it is impossible to create a business structure or a marketing plan that’s effective. If you think you’re supposed to promote your services to everybody, think again!!! Really! Identifying your ideal clients and their needs are the two most important steps in creating a thriving heart-based business! Once you’re clear, everything else falls into place. In this teleseminar, Kathryn Yarborough will take you on a 4 step process of identifying your most perfect clients.

The Power of Networking
As a heart-based entrepreneur, networking is one of the most effective ways of helping people get to know, like, and trust you – whether they are potential clients or referral sources. Yet many of us dread it or don’t use our in person or online networking time effectively. In this teleseminar, with Kathryn Yarborough, you’ll have a chance to hone your “30 second marketing message,” explore the power of networking online, and discover the power of the best kept secret – word of mouth marketing.

How to Use the Internet to Grow Your Heart-Based Business
Not sure what to put on your website or how to attract clients via Facebook? In this teleseminar, we’ll look at some of the basic elements of internet marketing so you can decide what and where to put your time and attention.

Get Practical: Creating an Effective Marketing Plan
You’ve got the marketing basics, now how to use them? What really works? Step back and get the big picture from your ideal client’s perspective. From this perspective design simple, effective action steps that will lead to the results you want: more clients and a thriving business.

Manifestation – Attracting clients

The 7 Steps to Manifest Anything

      Manifestation is the practice of transforming our desires into reality using consciously shifting our vibration and activating the Law of Attraction. The practice helps us clear blocks, gain clarity, be magnetic to clients, and taken consistently positive action that leads to positive results. In this teleseminar, Kathryn Yarborough will explain the 7 steps to manifest anything and give you an opportunity to take the first two steps with a focus on attracting clients and increasing income.

Day to Day Manifestation
Applying manifestation in our day-to-day life is easy with 3 simple practices you’ll learn in this teleseminar with Kathryn Yarborough. Without using them, the day-to-day ups and DOWNS can shift your vibration into a downward spiral and before you know it, you’re not attracting anything you really want.

The BIG shift – Committing to Your Business’s Success!
Learn one of Kathryn Yarborough’s favorite techniques for clearing blocks and committing to growing your business. Without a full commitment, it may be impossible to grow a thriving business. In this teleseminar, Kathryn will walk you through this powerful technique so that you can use it anytime and achieve your goals!

Clear Blocks and Develop Confidence
One of the biggest blocks to success is lack of confidence. In this teleseminar, Kathryn Yarborough will share with you 5 tips to increasing your confidence. And learn how to use one of the most effective tools to clearing blocks and shifting your vibration to one of positivity and hopefulness.

Magnetizing Clients Guided Meditation
Adapted from one of her favorite books, Creating Money, in this teleseminar, Kathryn Yarborough will take you through a journaling process and heart centered guided meditation that will open your to attracting all the right clients to you easily and effortlessly.

The Attracting Clients Teleseries Course for Heart-Based Entrepreneurs
is recorded and ready for you to listen to right away! Don’t wait!

Only $97