Many heart-based entrepreneurs struggle with being seen:

  • On Facebook.
  • In videos.
  • At networking events.
  • And more.

Perfectionism, fears, shyness and other things can get in the way of people showing up as fully as they'd like to.

To attract clients, people need to know you exist.

If you’re hiding, your potential clients won’t ever find out about you.

Want to break the "hiding habit?"

Come to the “Stop Hiding – Be Seen” online workshop.

You’ll get to:

  1. Explore the reasons you hide so they don’t unconsciously control you anymore!
  2. Practice being seen in a safe environment.
  3. Create practical, simple action steps you can take to break the hiding habit.


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Stop Hiding - Be Seen

An Online Personal Growth Workshop for Entrepreneurs

Friday, Sept. 22

2pm – 5pm New York / 11am – 2pm Los Angeles / 7pm - 10pm London

Only $79

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Other Details

NOT Recorded

Because the experientials are interactive and it’s important that you are SEEN during the workshop, it will NOT be recorded.  You have to show up for it!

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