Spirituality is the Ultimate Stress Management!

by Kathryn Yarborough

For me spirituality – or the embodied experience of the Divine – is the ultimate stress management technique.

Other stress management techniques do wonderful things like activate the relaxation response or shift my physiology – which is great – don’t get me wrong. However…

An embodied experience of Oneness shifts my perspective from “Maybe I should be concerned about the things in my life that are not working,” to “There is no need for unnecessary stress. There is nothing to be concerned about.”

When I remember that I am of Source and that Source is Infinite I believe that there is NOTHING to be worried about or feel stressed about.

When I remember my connection with Source, I know that I am guided and assisted in every moment.

With this knowing I let go and trust the flow. I use spiritual practice every day to help me remember my connection with the Divine…

  • I use meditation to help still my mind and access the present moment.
  • I use prayer in a few ways.
    • If I’m feeling lost and don’t know what to do, I hand over my concerns to the One that we are all a part of.
    • I use affirmative prayer. I affirm that whatever I would like to happen is happening or something even better. For example… Thousands of people visit this website every day and find something helpful here – or something even better.
    • I ask for Guidance.
  • I use mindful movement with breath to help wake up this body, access Presence, and experience the flow of Source.
  • I invoke all 9 domains of Essence through words, visualization, and movement for a direct experience of Essence.
  • I use words throughout the day to help me remember like… This, too, is of God.

And I use the emotional guidance system throughout the day to check in with my emotions to see if my thoughts and actions are pointing me to alignment with Source or away from it. It is a really wonderful tool – and it’s built into our bodies.

I do daily meditation in a variety of formats that I share with others. I offer a monthly Meditation Bootcamp and if you’d like more information about it, click here.

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