Your Soul’s Path, the Enneagram, and Flow: An interview with Charlene Day

If you’d like to discover your soul’s path, consider learning about the Enneagram.

During my interview with Charlene Day (author and coach) on the Manifesting Abundance Video Show last week, we talked about lots of really cool things including:

  • How useful the Enneagram is in discovering your soul’s path.
  • What it means to be a leader on this planet.
  • And how the Law of Vibration is related to the Law of Attraction.

Watch the interview:

I love the Enneagram and wrote a bit about it in a blog about accessing Essence.  You can click here to read the blog. 

Charlene’s book

Charlene has written a book called the 30 Laws of Flow that sounds very intriguing to me.

Her premise is that all 30 of the laws are connected and that when a person is using them she or he is in flow.  So, it sounds to me that if you want to be a highly functioning person it might be helpful to learn about these laws.

I’m curious.  So I got the link for her book on Amazon.  Click here to see her book on Amazon.

She briefly talked about 2 of the laws during the interview and how they’re inter-related:  the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction.

Charlene has also created a program to help folks magnify their flow of time, money and productivity.  She’s offering it free for a limited time.  It sounds interesting so I get the link for that, too:

Charlene’s FREE program.

law of attraction

What are your thoughts about this?  Share them below.

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