Soul to Soul Selling: An Interview with Kelly Jo Murphy

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve ever struggled with the idea of SELLING, you’re going to love hearing what Kelly Jo Murphy has to say about it.

Hi!  It’s Kathryn Yarborough here.

And yesterday, I had the pleasure of chatting with Kelly Jo Murphy on my Manifesting Abundance show and she told me all about the D.A.N.C.E. steps she uses in her Soul to Soul approach to selling.

LISTEN to the interview:

She talks about connecting with your clients – soul to soul.  I think about it as connecting through the energetic field – heart to heart.

soul-to-soul sellingI’ve been doing this for years with a magnetizing exercise.  So I know how to do it.  But when we talked, Kelly Jo encouraged me to take it further and communicate through the field for all types of things.

She has a complete approach to selling that she describes in five steps using DANCE as an acronym.

Here’s a summary of her 5 DANCE steps:

  1. D is for daring to connect with your ideal clients at the soul to soul level.
  2. A is for asking your ideal clients if they want what you’re offering before you create it.
  3. N is for nurturing your relationship with your clients every step of the way.  And through the whole relationship.
  4. C is for conversations and knowing that every touch point is part of the sales conversation and an opportunity to partner with your ideal clients for their transformation.
  5. E is for engaging with your ideal clients through to the offer – whatever step they’re on.  It’s like you’re walking handing in handing together moving them towards their transformation.

Kelly Jo shared some great suggestions about all of this in the interview.  And if you listen to it, you’ll know that she’s doing an event in February in Arizona where you can go deep with her about these steps.

Click to to to Kelly Jo’s website.
And find out all about her event!

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