Self-help for “Everyday Addictions”

by Kathryn Yarborough

If you want to break your “everyday addictions” practice present moment awareness by noticing your experience.
breathe notice your sensations
Whether you have a…

  • video game addiction,
  • food addiction,
  • computer addiction, or
  • a drug or alcohol addiction…

From the perspective that an addiction is any repetitive behavior that keeps you out of the present moment, every person I know is addicted to something.

Until a person has fully awakened spiritually – in other words – achieved enlightenment, he or she most likely has some compulsive, habitual behaviors that feel out of his or her control or may even be unconscious. Or in other words – addictive.

This is a huge issue for all of us.

And addiction self help is for all us. It is needed for the full awakening of our being.

However, if you’re addicted to a chemical substance or an activity that is harmful to you physically, emotionally, socially, financially or in any other way, it may be quite challenging and possibly traumatic to stop the addictive behavior. In addition to the tools below, you may need support from others.

Addiction Self Help Skills

Using these self help skills will support any recovery journey…

  • conscious breathing
  • tolerating your emotions
  • improving communication with the people in your life

These tools will help you be better able to tolerate and ultimately enjoy your life experience and the people in your life.

With conscious breathing you can access the present moment. Breathing happens in this moment – so no matter what else is going on – you are breathing now.

To be present with your breath… Notice the movement of your torso as you breathe. Don’t pause while inhaling or exhaling… or at the points of transition.

If you’d like to practice conscious breathing, join me for the next Meditation Bootcamp. We do a lot of breathing in it – especially in the morning awakening meditations and the evening skills meditations.

Emotions can be challenging for many people to tolerate and we often unconsciously turn to our addictive behaviors to stuff down our feelings. However, it is possible to be with our feelings and just experience them. When we do, they actually dissipate. If you want to know more about how to do that, click this link. With practice, you can learn how to feel all of your emotions.

To have good relations with the people in your life, communication is very important. It includes being undefended, listening, and speaking your perspective clearly. Without good relationships with the people in our lives, life can be pretty miserable and we’re more likely to rely on our addictions to help us through life’s challenges.

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