Redefining Abundance: An interview with Mark Porteous

Last week Mark Porteous and I redefined abundance on my Manifesting Abundance Video Show.  But that’s not all.hole in soul not on purposse

During the interview we touched on several, different BIG topics.  We redefined abundance.  We talked about the importance of living on purpose and living as if what you do matters.  And Mark shared about a process of discovering your mission.

Mark is a warm, caring, inspiring man who is helping others live on purpose.  I hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as I have!

Watch the interview:

Redefining abundance

We talked about how, though many people think abundance is related to financial wealth, abundance is truly about freedom.  Freedom to go wherever you want to go and be wherever you want to be.

Mark talked about three types of freedom…

… Freedom of time, space, and money.

If you don’t feel free, you’re not abundant.

And probably the biggest thing that touched me during this interview is…

Mark pointed out that there is no freedom in being off purpose.

What he said made me think about all the people who feel dissatisfied at work.  I know that for many people, their job feels like drudgery.  Many people are dissatisfied at work because the work is not meaningful to them.

He spoke about there being “a hole in your soul if you’re not living on purpose.”

Mark’s passion is helping others to fill that hole.  And he’s offering a free gift for folks to help discover their purpose.  It includes some very helpful questions in discovering the intersection of your passion and your marketable skills.

Get Mark’s free gift.

Redefining abundance... if you feel trapped, you're not abundantWhat are your thoughts about this?  Share them below.

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