Positive Thinking

by Kathryn Yarborough
POSITive thinking can change
I used to think positive thinking was a bunch of superficial hooey. So whenever anyone mentioned it I would internally roll my eyes.Then, just in the last couple of years, I opened my mind to the power of positive thinking because it has been changing my life. Instead of feeling scared and worried in the midst of challenging life circumstances, because of positive thinking I’ve felt joyful, excited, and forward moving most of the time.

Let’s do a small experiment.

Read the following two paragraphs and notice what you experience in your body while reading them…

    1. Life is hard. We have to work hard, face challenges and illness, and then we die. There is war and poverty all around me. Many people are in pain and suffering from illness. Some people are so depressed they can’t work. Some people use drugs or alcohol because they’re addicted and can’t stop. Many children are homeless and don’t have enough food to eat.

NOTICE WHAT YOU’RE FEELING… WHAT SENSATIONS YOU’RE HAVING. Then shake it off by looking around the room you’re in, taking a deep breath, feeling your feet on the floor. Then read the next paragraph.

    2. There is so much to be grateful for in life. The trees, flowers, blue sky, clouds, and sun are magnificent. Humans are so creative… we have beautiful art, expressive dance, and stimulating literature… in addition to running water, indoor plumbing, electricity and computers. We grow food abundantly. Children are delightful – so full of energy and playfulness. What a wonderful time to be alive, to breathe, and to feel. Many people care about other people, animals and our wonderful Earth home. And they’re doing things to help all of us live more fully. What a wonderful world we live in.


What did you notice?

My experience with the first paragraph is a feeling of closed-downness, heaviness,and hopelessness. With the second paragraph, I feel a sense of opening, lightness and hopefulness.

I can imagine that some people when reading these 2 paragraphs might think that the first one is more true than the 2nd one. And that we shouldn’t ignore the problems we’re facing on our planet. I’m not suggesting that we be in denial.

Instead… I’m suggesting that a way to transform our human experience so that our great grandchildren will have a planet to live on is to focus on what’s working – on the positive. Our thoughts and words affect our emotions, our health, and our behavior. They also activate the Law of Attraction.

They are very powerful.

They can change the world.

If you want help changing your thinking, I have an e-workshop you can buy to help you learn how to stop negative thinking from controlling your life.

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