Stop Being a People Pleaser: An interview with Ginny Robertson

If you want to STOP being a people pleaser, I want you to “meet” Ginny Robertson.  She calls herself a recovering “good girl.”

Yesterday I interviewed Ginny on the Manifesting Abundance Video Show.  And she is a woman who decided years ago to create a life that feels good to her.

But to do that, she’s had to learn how to stop being a people pleaser.

Watch the interview:

Ginny is a role model for women who want to stop being a “good girl” / people pleaser and create a purpose driven life.  She’s an inspiration to me, a friend I care about, and a colleague I respect.

I was struck by what Ginny said during the interview about what got her started on the path of creating an intentional life.

She told me that in her early thirties, she went to see a therapist because she didn’t like how she was being in her marriage.  And because of the therapist’s response, Ginny began the journey of creating her life by design.

She talked about her habit of trying to please others which still showed up in her early years as an entrepreneur.

It’s challenging to stop being a people pleaser.

Breaking free from the habit of pleasing others isn’t easy.  Most of us try to please others because of childhood experiences that left us looking for love or trying to keep the peace.

It can be difficult to stop being a people pleaser because along the way, people will start reacting negatively towards you.  You have to grow a thick skin – especially if you’re an entrepreneur or any kind of leader.

But it’s also helpful to find people who support you in doing what you feel is right for you.

Ginny gave great advice to find one person, who isn’t living in fear, to support you as you create your life by design rather than default.  It’s really helpful to be able to talk to and be supported by someone who isn’t afraid.  So… if you’re surrounded by people who have been too afraid to stop being people pleasers… find some new people.

Doing YOUR Own Personal Growth:

I invite you to think about these questions…

In what ways do you like how you’re being and in what ways do you NOT like how you’re being?  Are there ways you’re compromising your values in order to please others?  If you could create your life by design rather than default, what would it include?

Visit Ginny Robertson’s website.

find someone you can talk to

What are your thoughts about this?  Share them below.

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