Networking Effectively in Facebook Groups

Networking in Facebook groups can be difficult.  But I’ve learned how.  So last month I ran a Facebook Networking Challenge in my Facebook group for heart-based entrepreneurs. 

Be authentic.I ran the challenge because I had discovered a simple formula to network in Facebook groups and I wanted to share what I’d learned with others.

And it worked.   People are using the formula and building relationships in the group.

Formula to network effectively in Facebook groups:

  1. Read other people’s posts first.
  2. Comment on them.
  3. Write your own spontaneous, original posts.

Most people want to post their own stuff first.  So groups start to get really spammy.  Then the group admin either ignores the spam or decides to not let other people post in the group.

Either way, no networking happens.

But now, with this simple formula things can change in any Facebook group where you want to build relationships.

Keep showing up.I created a couple of training videos for the challenge that explain why to network and how it works in Facebook groups.  I recommend watching them before you jump in.  That way you’ll get the most out of your efforts:

5 Reasons to Network in Facebook Groups  Watch it.

How to Network in Facebook Groups
Watch it.


I hope you join us in the Heart-based Entrepreneurs Facebook Group!

Attracting Clients on Facebook

In the past 5 years, I’ve attracted over 90% of my clients from Facebook.  I’ve identified 6 steps that I use:

  1. Identify your ideal clients.
  2. Craft a package or program is sellable.
  3. Test your package or program.
  4. Design a long-term strategy to help your potential clients find you.
  5. Give your ideal clients something to try.
  6. Use short-term goals to generate income.

My long-term strategy (step 4) includes networking in Facebook groups to help folks come to know, like, and trust me.  However, I’ve experienced a secondary benefit.

My group is filled with folks who have also been on their own personal and spiritual growth journeys for a while.  Many of the folks in the group know a lot.  And everyone has wisdom to share.

I’ve been inspired and motivated to do more to care of myself.  And it’s wonderful to know I’m not alone on this journey of growing a heart-based business. I love it.

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