Mother Earth on Abundance: An interview with Mare Cromwell

On yesterday’s Manifesting Abundance Video Show I received a shot of inspiration from the Mother Earth via my guest Mare Cromwell.  Mother Earth on abundance

And I needed it!

Mare is a mystic and author who is strongly connected to Mother Earth.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been teaching people that when they shift into Oneness consciousness they know they are abundant.

But sometimes I forget.  Especially when I slip into fear about lack of money.

Yesterday, Mother Earth via Mare Cromwell reminded me that even if I’m in fear about money and think I don’t have enough, it’s NOT the truth.  The truth is we are all already abundant. 

Watch the interview:

Mare spoke a lot about a book she’s written, The Great Mother Bible.  In the book, Mother Earth shares her wisdom and guidance.

Shifting back to abundance!

After hearing Mare speak about the book and abundance, not only do I feel abundant again and more connected to Earth, my heart is open and I’m grateful.

It’s so easy to shift back into separateness consciousness, lack, and fear.

I’m grateful to Mother Earth and Mare Cromwell for kicking me in the cosmic butt and reminding me that I am already abundant.  And anytime I forget, I just need to look around and see the abundance all around me.

Visit Mare Cromwell’s website.

i am already abundant

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