Heal your relationship with money!

Does this describe you?

  • Tired of struggling with money.
  • Spiritual, broke, and longing for abundance.
  • Feeling like there's not enough.

Change is possible!

The meditations in the Getting Present with Money Program will help you:
  • Transform your relationship with money.
  • Shift into Oneness consciousness when you think about money.
  • Open to an abundant flow of receiving and giving.
  • Experience abundance all the time.

Relax about money and open to abundance!

What participants have said:

"This program really works! You helped me uncover so many problem areas that were keeping money from flowing my way. I am always growing and learning when it comes to money, but this is life changing -- no doubt."

"I am seeing the results every day in incredible ways, large and small. In the ease of paying a bill, looking at my financial picture with confidence, and what used to be very tense dealings with the bank. My whole attitude has changed in such a positive and amazing way."

"I don't want it to be over. This is really powerful, Kathryn!"

"Have just completed day 21 and what a transformation in my thinking and being. My energy feels so different and free. Thank you Kathryn. My affirmation today is 'I am ready and receive abundant blessings constantly and I am grateful.'"


With the Getting Present with Money Program you get:

21 Getting Present with Money Meditations

Twenty-one different recorded 30 minute meditations using the 5-step breath practice to heal your relationship with money, align with the Divine when you think about money, and clear blocks to receiving money .  Value $252

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Value:  immeasurable!

 Total Value $252
(Going up to $97 soon!)

You pay only $67.

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You don't need to be stressed about money
or feel like you don't have enough any more.


100% Guarantee within 30 days!

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What a wonderful program! I was able to clear old fears about lack and create new, positive beliefs about my relationship to money and the world. Most important to me, was that Kathryn reminded us that the Universe WANTS to support us. Dedicating myself to 21 days of these guided meditations was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.

On my FIRST day of the Getting Present With Money 21-Day Meditation Program, I received an “unexpected” $200 GIFT in the mail! Talk about fast results!! This just came ‘out of the blue’ and more than covered my investment on the very first day! Simply put, Kathryn’s program WORKS. I can’t wait to see all the good that comes from this for years to come. I am deeply grateful to you Kathryn!

I've taken many self help courses over time and this one has proved to be great for identifying my blocks and breaking through them.

I have to say that just five days in I am already feeling a huge decrease in anxiety about money/earning/bills/debt. I have a sense of trust.

  • Questions

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  • What to expect:

    As soon as you purchase the program you will start getting emails.  One email a day. Each email will include a link to a new meditation.

  • Your email:

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The Getting Present with Money series is amazing. You are able to really handle some issues and challenges with money. Each meditation takes a different aspect of money and finances so that you are addressing all the areas and beliefs about money.

These meditations have been a great help. When I started, I had a persistent knot in my stomach because of financial stress that has been acute since last fall. That knot is GONE  and I have a greater sense of optimism and a definite shift in my energy. I am grateful for these changes, and look forward to what unfolds going forward.

Thank you for this marvelous experience... money came to me completely as a gift, unexpected...a very beautiful thing!

For me the "Getting Present with Money" meditations are like finding a rare natural pearl in the deep blue sea of life, sacred and precious work indeed. I am fully present with money…. I am open to receive money, I am worthy, I am moving out of my own way, I am breathing Kathryn!

I'm still doing the meditations most days. This is my 4th or 5th time through. I have made some big shifts. This is powerful stuff.

I am noticing shifts through out my daily life.  I really notice as I begin to tense up over what ever cause I feel my breath deepen and relax. This is new for me. And I find when it comes to money I am relaxed and not trying so hard to figure it all out.

Only $67!

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