Want more money?

This Money Mindset Course will guide you through a process of creating a new money mindset... one that is focused on generating money.

  • Generate more money this month.
  • Stop struggling with money.
  • Make money while being aligned with what matters.

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Discover how to make more money
by changing how you think.

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What to expect:

  • 6 Easy-To-Do Lessons

    The Money Mindset Course includes 6 lessons that you can complete in 10 to 20 minutes each.  Each lesson includes a video and exercises.

  • Handouts

    You’ll find handouts with all the exercises on the Money Mindset Course Materials page.  You can print the handouts and use the exercises again and again to stay positively focused on generating money.

  • Money Mindset Course Materials

    Once you purchase the course, you’ll get a link to sign up for the course page on my website.   You’ll be able to return the the course page as often as you’d like.

Lesson Topics:

  • Appreciate What’s Happening with Money
  • Decide Money is Important
  • Realize You Can Generate Money
  •  Make a Plan and Take Action
  • Focus on Making Money
  • Give Money Positive Attention


Swati Nigam Swati Nigam, Intuitive Life Coach

Kathryn helped me think in new ways about what my blocks to earning more are -- things I had not really thought of before. She takes you step by step into figuring out what your blocks are, brainstorming various ways you can make money, make a plan and break it down into a list of actions, and remove any negative beliefs you might have about money. My favorite was how to take the Divine into partnership with you so you don't feel stressed about the whole process.

Sandra Lynch Sandra Lynch, Ceremony Alchemy

I have known Kathryn for many years. Her workshops contain simple steps a person can take that will change your perspective. Not only common sense solutions but a connection to the divine to help you focus. I highly recommend her courses!