Marketing Key – How does your service or product help?

by Kathryn Yarborough

marketing key If you want to improve your marketing ask yourself if you’re effectively showing your potential clients or customers one of these:

  1. How your service or product will help them solve their problem – or decrease their pain and suffering.
  2. How your service or product will help them achieve their goal or attain their desire.
  3. How your service or product will give them have an experience they think they will enjoy.

…Because people pay for something that they perceive will solve their problem, help them achieve their goal, or give them an experience they enjoy.

For example, the diet industry is booming because lots of folks think being overweight is a problem and want to lose weight. Any service provider who can convince folks that they can help them lose weight is most likely going to attract clients.

So ask yourself… what problem does your service or product help people solve? What goal does it help folks achieve? Or what pleasurable experience does it give them?

Once you’re clear about this, all you have to do is communicate it clearly, in a way your ideal clients will know you’re talking to them and will believe you.

Let me give you a couple of examples.

    With the monthly Meditation Bootcamp I offer, people who want to try meditation have an opportunity to try it out from the comfort of their homes – low risk and easy access.

    The Flowing with Change professional membership helps heart-based entrepreneurs attract clients by providing marketing and manifestation education; opportunities to promote their business and grow their network; and an optional daily collaborative manifestation group where they give their goals and intentions attention.

I know a lot of heart based entrepreneurs don’t like to talk about money, but if you can get in the head of your potential clients and discover what service you offer that they are willing to pay for and why, then all you have to do is consistently communicate that to them and you’ll attract clients.

If you can’t show your potential clients why they would want to use your services or buy your product, how will they figure it out on their own?

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