Amplify Your Client Attraction!

Manifesting Clients Groups are forming now.

I get it.  You really want to...

  • Easily attract more clients.
  • Generate a life-sustaining or abundant income.
  • Take your business to the next level.
  • Feel fulfilled by doing meaningful work.
But if it's NOT happening as fast as you want it to...

I suggest you develop a practice of saying, writing, or reading your "New Client Attraction Story" consistently.

In your "new client attraction story," imagine having all the clients you desire.  If you say, write, or read your new story three to five times a day, new clients will start spontaneously showing up.  Colleagues will refer clients to you without you having to ask.  And you will get inspiration about what you need to do to help new clients find you and to re-enroll current or past clients.

If you want to practice saying your
"New Client Attraction Story"


  • You forget.
  • Resistance rises up.
  • Other people discourage you.
  • And you forget. Again.
  • You don't get the results you want - as fast as you want.
  • And you forget to say your new story. Again.

Join a Manifesting Clients Group!

  • You'll get to practice saying your "New Story" in a very supportive and encouraging environment.
  • You will get random emails each week reminding you to say, write, or read your "New Story."
  • I will mirror your "New Story" back to you so that it gets amplified and energized.
  • The other group members will visualize your "New Story" with you - which will amplify it even more.

You will attract clients and move forward with your business!


Manifesting Clients 8-Week Groups
are starting the 2nd week in April.
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Only ($797) $497!

What to expect when you join
a Manifesting Clients 8-Week Group:

  • 8 Weekly Online Meetings

    Eight weekly one-hour meetings where you’ll get to practice saying your new story in different ways.  You can join via internet or phone.  (See meeting time options below.)

  • Small Group Size

    The weekly meetings will be limited to 3 – 8 participants so you’ll get plenty of attention, practice time, and feedback from me if you need it.

  • Guidance and Support

    You’ll receive guidance from me on how to “say your new story” in a way that feels good and is believable.

  • Amplify and Energize Your New Story

    Your story will be said back to you so that it gets amplified and energized by everyone in the group.

  • Random "Say Your New Story" Reminders

    You’ll get random emails each week reminding you to say your new story – so you don’t forget.

Three Different Meeting Time Options

(Choose ONE)

Option 1.  Mondays, Starting April 9
4pm Los Angeles / 7pm New York (Tuesdays 9am Sydney, AU)

Option 2.  Wednesdays, Starting April 11
8am Los Angeles / 11am New York / 4pm London, UK

Option 3.  Thursdays, Starting April 12
11am Los Angeles / 2pm New York / 7pm London, UK

 Choosing your day and time option.
After you register, I’ll send you an email inviting you to choose the day and time option that works best for you.  The meetings will be recorded.

PLUS You Get a Bonus Package!

  • Grow Your Business Private Session

    One 45-minute private session with me to be used anytime during the 8-weeks that the group meets.

  • Block Clearing Resources

    You will receive my favorite block clearing exercises and the Getting Present with Attracting Clients meditations.

  • Two "Emergency" Sessions

    If you need it, two 15-minute “emergency” sessions where I’ll use my “magic wand” to support you in moving through any stuckness, overwhelm, or resistance.

If all you got out of participating in
a Manifesting Clients 8-Week Group was...

  • New clients showing up spontaneously.
  • The knowledge of how to use the Law of Attraction to attract clients anytime you want.
  • Forward movement with your business.
  • Clarity about all that you want.
  • The ability to manifest anything.

Wouldn't it be worth it?


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Only ($797) $497!

You want more clients, right?

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