Attract clients.  Experience abundance.  Feel fulfilled.

Try a Live, Online Manifesting Clients Class!

If you want more clients, but...

  • You don't know how to find them.
  • They're not coming as fast as you'd like.
  • You don't want to be pushy.
  • They're not responding to your marketing.

I suggest you change the story you're telling yourself.

I'll teach you how in a Manifesting Clients Class.

“After just one manifesting clients class, I noticed a significant change in my energy level and a renewed sense of excitement for my business.  I walked away with practical tools and an understanding of how important it is to feel into my story and take ownership of what I want to create.  Kathryn listens loudly and her approach is both practical and heartfelt.”

Kathya Bustamante, www.kathyabustamante.com

In just ONE Live, Online Manifesting Clients Class,
you will re-write the story you tell yourself about attracting clients.


Try one and see what it's like.

ONLY $27!

Several different times available every week.

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If you like it, you can take as many individual classes for $27 as you want!

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If you attend consistently for 3 months, you'll break the habit of your old story!

If you keep coming for 6 - 9 months, your new story will be manifesting consistently.
If you attend for a year, you'll be a master manifester.
(Scroll down to find out how to SAVE with packages of 6 or 12 classes.)

With consistent attendance in Manifesting Clients Classes...


... You will completely release your old story and create your life based on your NEW story where you...
  • Attract clients easily.
  • Generate a life-sustaining, abundant income.
  • Fulfill your purpose.
  • Love your life!

“I recently attended one of Kathryn's Manifesting Clients Classes and thoroughly enjoyed it!  I loved being with a group of wonderful women to share our visions and dreams.  And with Kathryn's gentle and positive guidance, we learned the process of how to manifest clients together.

After just one week of this practice, I was found on Facebook by a woman who asked me to do a Facebook Live on her business page promoting one of my services!  She also asked me to put in an application to be a speaker at her event next year.  Wow!!! I was so elated!!!!!

Thank you Kathryn for all you do for business owners like myself.  You are awesome!"

Bessie Estonactoc, Soul Purpose Coach

Try one Manifesting Clients Class for Only $27.

If like it, you can purchase a package of
6 classes or 12 classes and save money.  (See below.)

Several different time options every week.

Click the "Sign Up Now" button and choose the best time for you.

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You will learn how to write your new story,
attract clients, and move forward with your business!

The Manifesting Clients Classes are like Yoga classes.  One class feels good.
But consistent attendance will transform your life!

What to expect in a Manifesting Clients Class:

  • I'll invite you to claim what you want to manifest.
  • You'll get to practice writing and saying your "New Story" in a very supportive and encouraging environment.
  • I will mirror your "New Story" back to you so that it gets amplified and energized.
  • The other participants will visualize your "New Story" with you - which will amplify it even more.
  • The class size will be small and intimate - no more than 8 participants.
  • Each class lasts up to 75 minutes.
  • We meet online, on Zoom. People from around the globe attend, but most live in the U.S.