Manifesting Your Intentions: Interview with Sue Fitzmaurice

Many of us have good intentions… like losing weight, being kinder, making more money.  Most of the time, intentions turn out to be things we wish we’d do but don’t.

However, every so often, a person really goes for it and makes it happen.

I’m intrigued about the inner shift that occurs when an intention becomes an “executive order” that your whole being decides to fulfill.

On yesterday’s Manifesting Abundance Video Show, Sue Fitzmaurice and I chatted about what happens when you make a decision to do something and truly go for it.

Watch the video:

Sue talked about her decision a few years ago to travel with her fifteen-year-old daughter.  Traveling was something they had fantasized about for years.

But in a moment, something happened to Sue and she whole-heartedly committed to making it happen.  She created an online business and set up her life and work so they could travel around the globe.

In fact, she wrote a book about purpose:

I believe something happens inside a person when an intention shifts from being a wish to being a true commitment.

I’m not sure what actually happens when we make that shift, but somehow, in our minds, the wish becomes truly possible.  Sue talked about being inspired by a friend who had created an online business.  She said she had the thought that if this other person could do it, so could she.

I wonder if manifesting your intentions comes from combination of 1) having a desire strong enough that you’ll leave your comfort zone and 2) truly believing your desire is possible to manifest?

Visit Sue Fitzmaurice’s website.

Believe in your intentions.What are your thoughts about this?  Share them below.

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