manifesting clients easily.

During this training, you'll...

  • Discover why you need to write and say your Attracting Clients new story three to five times a day to manifest clients.
  • Practice writing your Attracting Clients new story.
  • Learn the 7 steps to manifesting clients easily!
  • Enhance your Attracting Clients new story with the key elements of manifestation.

Stop struggling to attract clients!

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3 Different Dates and Times:

Option 1.  Monday, March 19
4pm Los Angeles / 7pm New York (Tuesday, 9am Sydney, AU)

Option 2.  Wednesday, March 21
8am Los Angeles / 11am New York / 3pm London, UK

Option 3.  Thursday, March 22
11am Los Angeles / 2pm New York / 6pm London, UK

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