How One Woman Found Her Inner Hero: An interview with Ivy Tobin

I believe inside all of us is a hidden inner hero.  A personalized “super hero” who can do all the things we only wish we could

My inner hero is a sexy ninja super smart warrior.  Capable of kicking butt, attracting the hot guys, and knowing everything – like everything about computers, brains, chemistry, psychology, and energy.  Unfortunately, she is really hidden deep inside.

Ivy Tobin, author of My Life of a Doormat, seems to have found a way to access her inner heroine (a spunky, speak her mind type of woman).

I interviewed Ivy last week on my Manifesting Abundance Video Show.

Watch the interview:

I’ve known Ivy as a fellow member in a Facebook group for inspirational page owners.  Ivy is the person behind the Facebook page The Society of Recovering Doormats.

I became impressed with Ivy when…

Quite honestly, I never really resonated with her page because I don’t experience myself as a doormat.  But I became impressed with Ivy when she shared that she was on a book tour.  I thought to myself, hum, she must be doing something right…  after all, she’s published a book and is on a book tour.

my-life-as-doormatWhen I interviewed her, I found out a lot of cool stuff.

What I didn’t realize is that on her page Ivy represents herself as Rose Gardner, the main character in her novel.  And during the interview, she told me how all this came to be.

Several years ago, Ivy tried to get a book published and instead was rejected by a lot of publishers.  Rejections in the high double digits.

Feeling dejected and uncertain what to do next, she was inspired to create a Facebook page for people like her – people who struggled with feeling like a doormat.

Ivy found her inner hero…

Long story short (watch the interview for all the details), she found her inner mojo by supporting people on her Facebook page.

And then…

Lo and behold…

A publisher came along and asked if she ever wrote anything.  She was “discovered!”  She tweaked her book, sent it to her new publisher, and voila!  Her book was published.

Hearing her tell the story during the interview was quite inspiring!

But here’s the cool part.

When she’s interacting with people on her Facebook page, she’s not doing it as herself.  Instead, she interacts with them as if she’s the main character of her book, Rose Gardner.  And Rose has recovered from the need to please people.  She no longer feels like a doormat.

In a sense, Rose is Ivy’s inner heroine.

So every time Ivy interacts with folks on her Facebook page, her inner heroine is getting stronger!  How cool is that?!

Find out more about Ivy Tobin’s book.

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