How to Manifest Anything E-Course GIFT

1 HOw to Manifest anyting
A psychospiritual approach to
transforming your desires
into reality

Taught by Kathryn Yarborough
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The Benefits
If you take the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Use the law of attraction and manifestation tools to attract a mate, increase your income, experience peace, attract clients, or anything else you really want
  • Be a conscious co-creator of your life rather than a victim of unconscious patterns
  • Practice techniques to live in alignment with your Essential nature (or Higher Self)

This course weaves the wisdom of the psychospiritual journey of awakening with the skills and concepts needed to be a conscious co-creator. It applies embodied consciousness to living life.

I have helped clients use the law of attraction to grow their business, attract a life partner, find a perfect job, and increase income. Manifestation is one of the most empowering tools I’ve learned and I love sharing it with others. Join me for the “How to Manifest Anything E-Course” and you can learn these skills, concepts, and tools from the comfort of your own home or office.

-Kathryn Yarborough
Facilitator and Creator of the How to Manifest Anything Course

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This e-course is completely self-directed. As soon as you register you’ll get an email with all the course materials. So… no matter what your schedule is… no matter where you live… you can participate in this fantastic, life changing course.

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Is it for you?
The How to Manifest Anything Course is for you if you know about the Law of Attraction and manifestation and you want to…

Break through what’s keeping you stuck from manifesting your desires!

Clear your blocks and release your resistance.

Learn steps you can repeat over and over again each time you want to manifest something new

Get the support you need to truly manifest your desires.

The Process
During this course, you will go through a process of…

    • Identifying what you really want
    • Clearing blocks
    • Activating the Law of Attraction
    • Integrating your conflicting inner voices
    • Aligning with your Essential nature

What to Expect
There are six 60 – 90 minute recorded audio classes. You’ll get all of them in your email. You can do the course in two days or space it out over 6 weeks – that’s up to you! During the classes you’ll see slides, hear the lecture, and be guided through manifestation exercises. You’ll have homework with every class to help you put into practice the manifestation concepts you learn.

You will:

  • Learn how to use the 7 steps of manifestation to manifest anything
  • Practice 3 tools to clear blocks
  • Be invited and supported to develop the discipline needed to be a conscious co-creator of your life
  • Use 3 powerful techniques to activate the Law of Attraction

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Start Start today – only $197!
FREE – A gift to you!