Full Wattage Living: An Interview with Liz Fletcher Brown

live with full wattageSeveral years ago I got on Liz Fletcher Brown’s e-list.  And every time I opened an email from her I saw the words “Full Wattage” because that’s the name of her book.

And while I kind of, sort of, knew what she was talking about…

… it wasn’t until my interview with her on my Manifesting Abundance Video Show that I really got it.

During the interview Liz shared the origins and real meaning of the term, “full wattage.”

Watch the interview to get the full effect of my AHA:

In case you don’t like watching videos, I’m going to summarize here.

Liz is a former professional dancer.  And years ago, during her transition from her career as a dancer to her current career as a speaker and coach, she had a dance teacher who inspired her students to, no matter what lever of skill, dance with full wattage.

When Liz heard this term, she realized she didn’t just want to dance with full wattage but to also LIVE with full wattage.

When she was telling me her story, I had a huge AHA because I could totally relate to what she was talking about.

I used to dance.  In fact, I got a Masters degree in dance.  And some of my favorite moments on this Earth have been when I was dancing with “full wattage.”

Here are some words that describe my experience of this:

  • Going full out.
  • Not holding back anything.
  • Connected to something bigger than me.
  • Body, mind, and heart working together.
  • Completely present and engaged.
  • Fully alive!

I want to live this way, too!

During the interview Liz explained how, in order to help people live with full wattage, she guides them through processes where they get clear about their purpose, strengths, and values. 

Discovering Your Purpose is a Journey

I loved how Liz talked about discovering your purpose as a journey.  She says that your purpose is inside of you.

You don’t create your purpose… you uncover it.

That makes so much sense to me.  These days I think my purpose is helping people bridge between being spiritual and thriving as a human.  I don’t know if anyone else understands what I’m talking about, but it makes sense to me.

So I don’t think anyone else needs to know or understand YOUR True purpose.  What matters is that when you put words to it, those words give you clarity, courage, and motivation to live it more fully.  With full wattage!

Visit Liz Fletcher Brown’s website and get her free training.

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