Everyone’s life evolves: An interview with Jan Messersmith

Life evolves!

During the conversation I had yesterday with Jan Messersmith on the Manifesting Abundance Video Show, I loved hearing about how her life has evolved over the years.

She’s been a chef, an accountant, and now she helps soul-centered entrepreneurs with their mindset so that they can be successful with their Divine purpose.

Watch the video:

The journey has included healing.

Somewhere in the middle, Jan went to school to become a massage therapist. While she was there, Jan discovered that she had social anxiety.  And instead of running away from it, she decided to do her own healing work.  And out of this journey, she decided to start helping other people.

Jan’s learned all sorts of cool things like NLP (which she defines in the interview) and how to read the akashic records.  So it was fun talking with her.  And Jan’s down to earth and easy-going… so I like her, too.

But as I wrote earlier, I was struck by the evolution of her life.

Adults evolve!

What I realize now, that I didn’t realize when I was younger, was how much everyone’s life evolves.  Somehow I thought that a person grew up and then everything stayed the same until they got old and then died.  Sounds silly I know, but I just didn’t realize how much change can happen during our adult years.

Talking with Jan reminded me that we adults change.  And now Jan helps people change how they think.  It’s cool!

Visit Jan’s website and take her quiz.

Life evolves.What are your thoughts about this?  Share them below.

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