Components of Wellness

by Kathryn Yarborough

The components of wellness include practices that support physical, emotional, relational, spiritual, and mental well-being and vitality. Wellness is more than eating healthfully and losing weight.
components of wellness

  1. Physical practices
    • Move your body!
      • Walk
      • Yoga
      • Tai Chi
      • Chi gong
      • Swim
      • Row
      • Play basketball, volleyball, or softball

    • Eat healthfully
      • Vegetables and fruits
      • Organic food
      • Drink water
  2. Emotional Practices
  3. Relationship Practices
  4. Spiritual Practices
  5. Mental Well-being Practices
    • New situations – go new places, try new foods…
    • Play games like bridge and scrabble
    • Take on a new hobby
    • Learn something – take a class
  6. Other Self-care Practices
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