Coming from LOVE

Today I realized that instead of coming from LOVE to promote the Entrepreneurs’ Abundance Circle, I’ve been coming from defensiveness.

I was expecting unpleasant things to happen.

Like rejection. Like people joining and then cancelling.  And like feeling not wanted.


… I was energetically defending myself against all that negativity.

And then rejection did happen.  Of course.

The Law of Attraction is always working.

In fact, rejection happened twice in the past month.

So this morning when I was listening to one of my Getting Present meditations, I had an AHA.  I realized that I had been doing this…

…I had been energetically defending myself against something unpleasant to happen.

And as I tuned into that feeling, I recognized it.  It’s part of an old pattern.

Of course.

It’s something I’ve done in the past.  A lot.

I’ve put a wall around myself and kept people – mostly potential clients – at bay.

I realized that if I could come from LOVE instead of defensiveness then everything inside of me would change.  And even my actions would change.

And probably the results would change, too.

So while journaling this morning, I asked myself…

What would it look like if I came from LOVE instead of defensiveness when I promote the Entrepreneurs’ Abundance Circle?

This is what I know so far…

…My heart is open.  And I feel loving and joyful.

I feel caring about current members and potential members.

People join at the right time.  And I keep showing up and telling people about the Entrepreneurs’ Abundance Circle.

Sounds much better.  Right?!

It feels better, too.

Can you relate?  I'd love to hear your thoughts about this.

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