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I’m Kathryn Yarborough and I’m delighted you’re checking out my coaching page.  I love helping heart-based entrepreneurs do the work they’re called to do and thrive.

“Within just 3 weeks of working with you, I had 5 new clients and everything in my life turned around. I was able to keep my dream alive, pay the bills, and most importantly, be in service to those who truly benefit from my gifts as a healer. I cannot express my gratitude deeply enough in words. You have forever changed my life and I am so very grateful.”                 ~ Connie Nash

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Coaching Packages

Manifest Your Dream Business Packages

Step 1  Craft a Sellable Offer Package

A sellable offer is a package of sessions, course, or program that your ideal clients will buy when they hear about because it provides a solution to a problem or goal that really matters to them.  Your sellable offer is also something you love providing and feel great about.

In my “Craft a Sellable Offer Package,” you will identify your ideal clients (if you haven’t already); clarify the problem or goal you’ll help them solve or achieve with your sellable offer; and draft a package, course, or program that does this.

The Craft a Sellable Offer Package includes:

  • 3 private coaching sessions
  • Get to Know Your Ideal Clients course

Buy now with this special price:
One payment of $197.
Two monthly payments of $108 each.


Step 2  Tweak and Test Your Sellable Offer Package

Once you have a draft of your sellable offer, you’ll need to tweak it and then, create and implement a plan to test it.  Testing includes letting people know about it; seeing how they respond; and seeing how you feel about what happens.

In my “Tweak and Test Your Sellable Offer Package,” I'll guide you on the journey of testing and tweaking your offer so you feel really good about it.   I’ll share with you a tool I use that helps me commit to my offers and stay focused on moving forward with them - no matter what happens.  And you'll likely begin the process of designing and implementing your long-term marketing.

The Tweak and Test Your Sellable Offer Package includes:

  • 9 private coaching sessions that you complete over four to five months.

The cost is 5 payments of $197/month.
Or 1 payment of $900.


Step 3  Attract Clients Consistently Package

After you’ve tested and tweaked your sellable offer so that you feel really good about it, to fully manifest your dream business, you’ll need an ongoing marketing plan that includes a way for new potential clients to come to know you exist, like, and trust you.  You’ll need to clear your blocks to attracting clients and thriving.  And you’ll need to stay focused on implementing your plans and achieving your goals.

In my “Attract Clients Consistently Package,”  you'll receive my guidance and support to design an ongoing marketing plan that works for you – including ways new people will find out about you, your free offer(s), your opt-ins, and a Facebook strategy (if that’s right for you).  So... no more flailing around on your own trying different things out that don't work.  I’ll share block clearing exercises with you and tools to be a magnet to your ideal clients.  At the end of this package, you'll have all the tools you need to consistently attract clients you love to work with!

The Attract Clients Consistently Package includes:

  • 15 private coaching sessions
  • 21 Getting Present with Attracting Clients Meditations

The cost is 8 payments of $197/month.
Or 1 payment of $1500.



Attract Clients Easily 10-Month Package

If you already have a service or product that sells, but you just need more clients...

I have found that it takes about ten months of committed focus and work for heart-based entrepreneurs who feel stuck attracting clients to turn things around, grow, and then sustain a thriving private practice, coaching, or heart-based business.  This package is ideal for folks with some experience, who feel confident about their ability to help their clients, and who are tired of struggling with attracting clients.

The First Month
During the first month we'll do three sessions.  I'll help you clarify your goals, design your marketing, and start using the Law of Attraction to attract clients.  And just so you know, most of my clients start attracting clients in the first month.

The Second – Seventh Months
Then blocks and resistances start to surface.  So for the next six months, we'll do 2 sessions a month and I'll help you clear blocks and release resistances so that you can continue to attract clients.

The Eighth – Tenth Months
The last three months we'll do one session a month and I'll help you stay focused on growing your business.  I'll make sure you have the tools to work through anything that might come up when the coaching is over - so that you can maintain the success you've attained.

To summarize, over the ten months, you get:

  • 18 private coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email support

The Cost
The cost is $1800 if you're ready to commit and pay in full.  However, most people take advantage of the payment plan I’ve set up that enables you to pay the same amount every month, but get more sessions in the beginning because that's when you need it most.

Start with the First Month
You don't have to commit to the entire ten months before you've even worked with me.  Get started with the first month and see if it's helpful.  You'll probably start attracting clients.  Once we've worked together, you'll have a better sense of whether or not you want to fully commit to the rest of the 10 month package.

Payment Plan:
Click here to start with the first month for $197.
Click here to continue and pay $197 for nine months.

Commit and save:
Click here to pay $1800.

Intuitive Business Coaching

Talk with Someone About Your Business
Feeling alone with your business?  Need feedback or support?  You can talk with me about anything that's going on with your business.  You can bounce business ideas off of me; talk about ways you're stuck; use me for accountability; or ask me for feedback about anything - like your website or Facebook page.  I'm honest, straight-forward, and helpful.  Most people find me really easy to talk to about their business.  And I love listening.  Unlike a loved one, I'm non-judgmental and not attached to the outcome... so talking with me is helpful!   You don't have to be alone with your business.

Schedule Anytime Packages:
One session for $200
Two sessions for $250
Five sessions for $550
Ten sessions for $1000

Three Month Package:
Three sessions/month for three months for $330/month

Four Month Package:
Two sessions/month for four months for $225/month

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