Can You Really Attract Clients on Facebook?

by Kathryn Yarborough

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facebook can you really attract clients
Over the last few years, I’ve had a variety of experiences attracting (and not attracting) clients on Facebook. But until about a month ago I was really wondering if I could consistently attract clients on Facebook. I had attracted some to a few workshops here and there, but not enough for me to be 100% confident about it.

That changed when I started promoting my Meditation Bootcamp on my Facebook page.

I think it changed because the Meditation Bootcamp is a clear service that, for the most part, people know whether or not they want it or not.

So… lesson #1: Use names for your services that people understand.

I also think it worked to promote the Meditation Bootcamp on my Facebook page because it fits with the types of things I post about on the page and I think, in general, how people have come to know me there. But with over 10,000 fans, even though people “know me” from my Facebook page, most of them haven’t tried any services with me and have no idea if they’ll like what I have to offer.

Lesson #2: Make sure your service is aligned with the theme of your Facebook business page.

When I changed the payment option on the Meditation Bootcamp from a set fee to “pay what you can” more people signed up for it and it was easier for me to promote it. It was interesting to notice that, in general, the higher payments were made by people who have already worked with me in some way. This made me think that people from Facebook don’t know me well… so signing up for something with me is still a big risk… even if they love my posts.

Lesson #3:
Remember the business growing funnel and that most fans on Facebook need to try something before they’ll become clients.

So… how does the business growing funnel work? Before people become committed clients they have to:

  1. Find out about you.
  2. Recognize that your service is for them.
  3. Come to know you, like you, and trust you.
  4. Try something with you.
  5. Discover what it means to be your client and decide to take the next step of committing to something with you.

So… can you really attract clients on Facebook?

I think you can as easily attract clients on Facebook as anywhere else. No matter what, helping people come to know you, like you, and trust you takes consistent work. Inviting them to try something with you takes a clear intention and practice – whether it’s face-to-face or in person. Ultimately, whether or not people become clients is whether or not they perceive that what you offer will help them solve a problem they have, achieve a goal they want, or experience something that feels good to them.

Lesson #4: Put yourself in their shoes.

The people on Facebook are people like you and me. Many of them are busy – popping on and off of Facebook when they can. If you make your posts about your services interesting and/or motivating, they’re more likely to pay attention to them and respond to them. And those posts are more likely to be “liked” and seen by more people.

More ways to learn!
If you want to talk or learn more about Facebook, specifically about how to grow your Facebook business page, you can download my “All about Facebook: An Online workshop for Heart-based Entrepreneurs” now.

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2 Responses to Can You Really Attract Clients on Facebook?

  1. Natalie says:

    Great post Kathryn,
    those lessons are great ones and help everyone new or not so comfy with FB events understand the successful strategies better… most important.. coming from the heart and being authentic — as you are, teach, and enjoy!
    Peace & Love, Natalie

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