If you believe…

I’ve found that I achieve goals when I do whatever it takes to achieve them.


If I believe I CAN achieve a goal, and it’s something I really want to achieve, then I achieve it. Usually.


But if DON’T believe I can achieve it, or I don’t really care about it, I quit. And so, of course, I don’t achieve it.


What about you? What have you experienced?  I’d love to hear back from you.
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Who’s in charge of growing your business – the Universe or you?

Is the Universe in charge of growing your business, or are you?

I believe you are.  And the Universe can give you lots of help!

Because when you commit to growing your business, the Universe will commit to growing your business, too.

For example…

I launched the Entrepreneurs’ Abundance Circle in the fall of 2017 and now it’s time to either totally commit to it and grow it or let it fade away after the current members’ one-year membership finishes.

I’m doing the inner and outer work to grow it. Continue reading

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Coming from LOVE

Today I realized that instead of coming from LOVE to promote the Entrepreneurs’ Abundance Circle, I’ve been coming from defensiveness.

I was expecting unpleasant things to happen.

Like rejection. Like people joining and then cancelling.  And like feeling not wanted.


… I was energetically defending myself against all that negativity.

And then rejection did happen.  Of course.

The Law of Attraction is always working.
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Networking Effectively in Facebook Groups

Networking in Facebook groups can be difficult.  But I’ve learned how.  So last month I ran a Facebook Networking Challenge in my Facebook group for heart-based entrepreneurs. 

Be authentic.I ran the challenge because I had discovered a simple formula to network in Facebook groups and I wanted to share what I’d learned with others.

And it worked.   People are using the formula and building relationships in the group.

Formula to network effectively in Facebook groups:

Continue reading

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Soul to Soul Selling: An Interview with Kelly Jo Murphy

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve ever struggled with the idea of SELLING, you’re going to love hearing what Kelly Jo Murphy has to say about it.

Hi!  It’s Kathryn Yarborough here.

And yesterday, I had the pleasure of chatting with Kelly Jo Murphy on my Manifesting Abundance show and she told me all about the D.A.N.C.E. steps she uses in her Soul to Soul approach to selling.

LISTEN to the interview:

She talks about connecting with your clients – soul to soul.  I think about it as connecting through the energetic field – heart to heart.

soul-to-soul sellingI’ve been doing this for years with a magnetizing exercise.  So I know how to do it.  But when we talked, Kelly Jo encouraged me to take it further and communicate through the field for all types of things.

She has a complete approach to selling that she describes in five steps using DANCE as an acronym. Continue reading

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Listen to the Voice Within: An Interview with Cassandra Herbert

When you listen to the voice within, you can discover what you really want.  What really matters to you.Listen to voice within.

On the journey of manifesting abundance, it’s important to tune in, get quiet, and listen to that voice within.  It is the only voice that can truly tell you what you really want to manifest.

During my interview with Cassandra Herbert, Real-Life Superwoman, Transformational Coach / Health and wellness coach, on the Manifesting Abundance Video Show, I was reminded of two things:

One) The importance of tuning inward to listen for what really matters. Continue reading

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How One Woman Found Her Inner Hero: An interview with Ivy Tobin

I believe inside all of us is a hidden inner hero.  A personalized “super hero” who can do all the things we only wish we could do.my-inner-hero-ninja

My inner hero is a sexy ninja super smart warrior.  Capable of kicking butt, attracting the hot guys, and knowing everything – like everything about computers, brains, chemistry, psychology, and energy.  Unfortunately, she is really hidden deep inside.

Ivy Tobin, author of My Life of a Doormat, seems to have found a way to access her inner heroine (a spunky, speak her mind type of woman). Continue reading

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Your Soul’s Path, the Enneagram, and Flow: An interview with Charlene Day

If you’d like to discover your soul’s path, consider learning about the Enneagram.

During my interview with Charlene Day (author and coach) on the Manifesting Abundance Video Show last week, we talked about lots of really cool things including:

  • How useful the Enneagram is in discovering your soul’s path.
  • What it means to be a leader on this planet.
  • And how the Law of Vibration is related to the Law of Attraction.

Watch the interview:

Continue reading

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Redefining Abundance: An interview with Mark Porteous

Last week Mark Porteous and I redefined abundance on my Manifesting Abundance Video Show.  But that’s not all.hole in soul not on purposse

During the interview we touched on several, different BIG topics.  We redefined abundance.  We talked about the importance of living on purpose and living as if what you do matters.  And Mark shared about a process of discovering your mission.

Mark is a warm, caring, inspiring man who is helping others live on purpose.  I hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as I have!

Watch the interview: Continue reading

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Full Wattage Living: An Interview with Liz Fletcher Brown

live with full wattageSeveral years ago I got on Liz Fletcher Brown’s e-list.  And every time I opened an email from her I saw the words “Full Wattage” because that’s the name of her book.

And while I kind of, sort of, knew what she was talking about…

… it wasn’t until my interview with her on my Manifesting Abundance Video Show that I really got it.

During the interview Liz shared the origins and real meaning of the term, “full wattage.” Continue reading

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