The Abundance Program is for...

Heart-based entrepreneurs and other folks on a spiritual journey who can and want to increase their income, attract more clients, and expand their reach.

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Expand into abundance.

Stop standing on your own hose.

With the meditations and the 7-step abundance shift, you'll learn how to quickly recognize when you're "standing on your own hose" and be able to easily shift into abundance and flow.

Develop a plan of action.

In private sessions, you'll get the support you need to create a plan to attract clients, increase your income, or grow a thriving heart-based business.

Get unstuck.

In private sessions, Kathryn will help you get unstuck.  Whether it's a block, lack of clarity, or being overwhelmed with thinking you have to do everything at once, Kathryn will help you focus on the best, next right step and find the motivation to take it.

Clear blocks and activate the Law of Attraction.

Kathryn will teach you techniques you can use again and again to clear blocks and activate the Law of Attraction.  The meditations will also help you vibrate as if you are abundant now.  This activates the Law of Attraction and opens you to receiving what you need easily.

During this program, you will...

• Release what holds you back.
• Open to financial abundance.
• Increase your income.
• Expand your reach.
• Touch more people with your work.

Here's what you get:

  • Transformational Meditations (Value $705)

    47 different Getting Present with Abundance Meditations that will change your life.  In each meditation, you’re guided to focus on a unique affirmation in a way that opens you up to the flow of abundance, clears blocks, and activates the Law of Attraction.

  • 7-Step Abundance Shift (Value immeasurable)

    The 7-step abundance shift helps you  shift your mood back to abundance, flow, and ease.  The meditations will train you to be able to do 7-step abundance shift easily and Kathryn will teach you how to use this shift throughout your day to stay positively focused and in the flow as you grow your business.

  • 5 Private Sessions (Value $1000)

    During the private sessions, Kathryn can help you:

    – Develop a marketing plan that works for you and your ideal clients. – Get clear about your ideal clients, your business plan and goals, and how you’re going to attract clients. – Learn how to activate the Law of Attraction to attract clients. – Clear blocks. – Work on your particular goals. – Get unstuck and move forward.

  • BONUS! Attracting Clients Teleseries Course (Value $600)

    Use these 12 recorded teleseminars to supplement the private sessions.  They’ll help you clarify your vision for your business, design a marketing plan that works for you, clear blocks to attracting clients, and use the Law of Attraction to grow a thriving business. Each teleseminar is approximately one hour and includes information, tools, and exercises you can use as many times as you need.


Total Value $2,305
Only $697

Now only $497!

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About Kathryn Yarborough

Kathryn is committed to helping folks live in alignment with the Divine and thrive.  She has had a private practice as a dance/movement therapist, integrative breathworker, and manifestation coach.  Now through her online program and courses, she is committed to helping heart-based entrepreneurs manifest their desires, attract clients, heal their issues with money, and open to abundance.  (More info)

What to expect:

For the first 21 days, you'll receive a Getting Present with Abundance meditation every day.  For the following 16 weeks, you'll receive a new meditation every week.

As soon as you register, you'll get an email with the first meditation.  This email will also include a link to a package of 5 sessions.  Use that link to sign up for the package and you'll be instructed to use a code to schedule your sessions. If you want me to use an email other than the one you use for paypal, let me know.

If you decide to continue working with Kathryn, you'll get significant savings on 2 or 5 session packages.