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Kathryn Yarborough here. If you’re a heart-based entrepreneur on spiritual journey and you want to thrive as a human, yay! You’re in the right place.

I love helping heart-based entrepreneurs attract clients easily. 

I teach folks how to use the Law of Attraction and client-focused marketing to attract clients.  And if my clients want to use Facebook as one of their ways to attract clients, I show them how.

I’ve been on an entrepreneurial journey that started in 2001.

You can read all about me here. heart-based-entrepreneurs-do-it-with-love

Before launching the Manifesting Clients Academy, my journey included having a private practice as a dance/movement therapist; being a manifestation coach for heart-based entrepreneurs in Maryland; creating an online membership community and several online courses; and developing a following on Facebook.

So I have lots of experience to draw from in helping my clients.

I believe heart-based entrepreneurs always need training, support, feedback, and encouragement.

Every heart-based entrepreneur is on a unique journey based on their own personality, gifts, talents, and where they are on the journey.

However, most want to attract more clients.


If that’s the case for you, watch my FREE video training on “How to Manifest Clients.”  Click here to get it.

It’s one piece in the process of growing a thriving business.

It matters what you do.

If I can support you in doing what you feel called to do, attracting clients, and thriving, that would be awesome.