Kathryn Yarborough here. If you’re on spiritual journey and you want to thrive as a human, yay! You’re in the right place.

In the past, I experienced a split between all things human and my spiritual journey.  I especially struggled with money.

After asking for Divine guidance, I was “given” my signature 5-step breath practice that helps folks integrate the Divine with human things like money and business. After using it for a while, I realized that before using this breath practice, like most people I know, I was living in separateness consciousness when it came to money, attracting clients, and all things practical.

The 5-step breath practice has changed all of that.bookcovermoneyebook

Now, I’m in Oneness consciousness when I think about money.  And since making this shift, I have clarified my Divinely inspired business plan… and I’m now helping other spiritual entrepreneurs do that, too!

If you want to know more, check out my free, inspirational, easy to read, picture e-book “Money and the Divine.”

And then,  watch my free “Relax about Money” webinar and learn how to use the 5-step breath practice yourself!

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